Tree Care

Tree Care Tips

After high winds or heavy snowfall check your trees for damage.
Broken  branches can be a danger to you and your property.

Thin out overgrown deciduous trees.
Better air flow and light penetration makes for a healthy tree.

– Check trees that are staked.
Remove or relocate wraps to prevent girdling.

– Deep root fertilize trees. 
Once per year. Sick trees should be feed twice per year.

Protect Ash, Pine and Spruce treees form Mountain Pine, IPS and
   Ash borer.
Successful attacks from these insects are usually a death sentence
for trees.

Only trim Crabapples and American Elms in the late fall
through winter.

This helps to prevent the spread of Fire blight and lessens the changeces
of Elm Bark Beetle attack.

– Deep root water Evergreen trees during the winter.
Colorado winters usually do not provide enought moisture to replace what
is lost trhought desiocation.