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Professional Tree Removal

Since 1978, Ross Tree Company has removed tens of thousands of trees in the Denver area. Age, damage, disease, or a landscape change sometimes warrants the removal of a tree. Removing a mature tree is a big task that is best left to professionals who have the expertise and equipment to take down a tree, shred the branches, and haul away large logs. Each tree is different depending on location and size, so Ross Tree offers free estimates based upon a site visit. We evaluate the tree and provide a quote to the property owner. For professional tree removal, click here to fill out a service request form or call 303-871-9121. We are at your service.

In Denver, it is rare for trees to be cut down or felled. In most cases, the tree is taken down by sections. The limbs are lowered to the ground, shredded, and hauled away. For larger trees, or trees in a tight location, a crane may be used to lift the limbs to a staging area to be processed by the ground crews. If a crane is required, Ross Tree will obtain a Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Device (MUTCD) permit in Denver or its surrounding suburbs. With the help of National Barricade, we make sure the traffic control plan is executed and managed professionally.

Once the tree is on the ground, any branches or logs under 12 inches are ran through a wood chipper. We use a grapple truck to haul away logs over 12 inches in diameter.  Ross Tree uses industry best practices to remove a tree and process the trunk, limbs, and leaves in an environmental manner. The chipped tree waste does not go to a landfill. A service hauls away the shredded tree material periodically in the spring and summer to be processed into mulch.

Hazardous Tree Assessments

Trees provide numerous benefits to property owners and the urban environment. Ross Tree offers Hazardous Tree Assessments at an additional cost. Tree Risk Assessments follow a standardized systematic process for assessing tree risk. We present the assessment to the residential or commercial property owner so they can make a knowledgeable decision to mitigate a possibly hazardous situation.

Thank you very much for the wonderful job. Our yard looked perfect afterwards. Everyone worked hard and were very professional. We will be recommending your company to anyone who needs good quality tree services.
Pete & Selina

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