Ross Tree Company is known across Denver for pruning and removing trees in tight places. It takes specialized skills and equipment to complete difficult tree service jobs near a home, garage, and fence structures. If the work happens to be near a busy street, then a permit is required for a full or partial street closing. For over 30 years, Ross Tree is your go-to tree service company for complicated large tree service jobs.

Large Tree Service Focus

Ross Tree Company continuously looks for ways to innovate and improve our tree service capabilities. We are proud to offer a new labor-saving technique using a Good Rigging Control System (GRCS). Sailors use self-tailing winches on yachts to maneuver massive boat rigging and sails. An innovative arborist used a sailing grade winch for a tree service job with much success. He formed a company to sell and market the GRCS.

One and two-person crews using a winch system reduces labor costs. The teams use the GRCS for mechanical advantage to lower tree sections or put tension on limbs. Once secure, the technician cuts the tree. Ross Tree uses an innovative speed lining technique to move tree sections over roofs and fences to be shredded and loaded onto trucks.

Tree Service Next To Busy Streets

Ross Tree Company is your go-to company for tree pruning or tree removal jobs next to busy streets. If a road has a yellow line, then the street will need to be closed for truck and equipment staging. Pulling a permit for a street closure is a long and stressful process for the unacquainted.

street closure permit process

Denver and its surrounding suburbs permit differently. Some departments automate their permit-pulling process, while others are paper-based. To avoid this hassle, call Ross Tree because we have long-standing relationships with all the permit and forestry departments across the Denver-metro area. We obtain permits in about two weeks at a much lower cost. Additionally, Ross Tree and National Barricade work together to make the work area safe for both the tree-service ground crews and the public. You’re in good hands when you hire Ross Tree for tree service jobs next to busy streets.


Got a large tree in a tight place or next to a busy street that needs service? Call 303-871-9121 or click here to fill out a service request form.