Professional Stump Grinding Service

Tree stumps take up space in a yard. Maybe the stump was there when you moved into your house or left after tree removal. Stump grinding or cutting takes powerful machines to do the job. Stump cutters or grinders remind me of the giant ground sloths that lumbered across the Americas during the Ice Age. A homeowner should hire a professional tree company like Ross Tree because of the inherent danger of operating these bulky and complex machines. Also, make sure the tree company is insured, experienced in stump removal, possesses the right equipment, and takes job safety seriously.

rayco stump cutter and giant sloth

Below are the benefits of tree stump grinding:

  1. Improve Aesthetics and Recapture Space

    Tree stumps make an otherwise tidy, well-kept yard look neglected. Stump removal instantly improves curb appeal and the overall appearance of a landscape. In smaller yards, removing stumps gains back space in a yard.

  2. Tripping Hazards

    Stumps are natural tripping hazards, especially for senior citizens and small children. If strangers tumble over a stump in a yard, the homeowner could be liable for any injuries they suffer.

  3. Mowing Inconvenience

    Mowing around a stump is inconvenient. Removing the stump and planting grass over the spot saves time and eliminates potential equipment damage.

  4. Protect Against Tree Disease and Pests

    Tree stumps attract carpenter ants and termites that could spread inside a home once they have eaten away the stump. If a tree is diseased and cut down, we recommended stump removal to prevent the disease from spreading to the yard’s healthy trees. 

  5. Stump Sprouting

    Stumps that are left behind usually sprout and start to regrow. If ignored, those sprouts eventually turn into trees and could warrant another costly tree removal. Also, stumps roots continue to grow, compromising building foundations and competing for water and nutrients with other plants in the yard.

  6. Avoid Fairy Rings

    According to medieval lore, mushrooms appear in lawns where fairies danced the night before. Fairy Ring Mushrooms rings sometimes appear after the removal of trees. Fairy rings kill the grass by forming thick fungal mats that prevent water from reaching the grassroots below. The fungus also depletes soil nutrients and, in some cases, release chemicals toxic to grass.

Hiring A Tree Company For Stump Grinding – It Is Worth It

Stump grinders are large, cumbersome machines that are complex to operate. At Ross Tree, we train all our operators to run our two Rayco Stump Grinders properly. Rayco was founded in 1978 in Wooster, Ohio, by John M. Bowlin. Bowlin owned a tree service company and could not find the right equipment to remove stumps, so he designed his own. Today, Rayco produces a full line of stump cutters, crawler trucks, forestry mulchers, and aerial trimmers. We use our large 3,500-pound Rayco for large jobs, while the Mini goes through gates and is great for smaller jobs. We kept all our cutters in top operating condition keeping all cutting teeth sharp. Rayco stump grinders provide shields, guards, safety decals, and other safety features to aid in proper machine operation. 

Stump grinders use a rotating blade that tears into the wood as it turns, cutting the stump into small pieces. The operator guides the blade back and forth across the entire stump, taking the stump down to well below ground level. Ross Tree takes away all the wood debris and brings dirt to fill the hole before leaving the job site. We follow the recommended safety guidelines provide by the Tree Care Industry Association for stump removal.

Wear Standard Personal Safety Equipment

  • Eye Protection
  • Hard Hat
  • Hearing Protection
  • Work Boots
  • Gloves
  • Face Shield

Identify Any Underground Utilities – To avoid cutting gas or water lines, a call to 811 will get the city or utility company to come out to a yard and mark any underground utilities before the job starts.

Job Site Inspection – Our operators inspect and prepare the worksite before a stump removal job starts. We know how to move the cutter down a slope and cut close to fences, walls, and other yard fixtures. Below are other items to take into consideration.

  • Set up barriers to protect bystanders.
  • Plan how the equipment will arrive and be staged for a job.
  • Protect the surroundings from cutter damage.
  • Check the stump for rocks or other buried objects such as fence posts, sidewalks, rebar, stones, and other objects.
  • Put up protective shields around the stump to contain flying projectiles.
  • On hills, drive the machine uphill and then cut while facing up the slope.
  • Clear wood chips as the job proceeds to obtain a clear view of the job.

Ross Tree offers reliable and cost-effective stump grinding and tree removal in Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs. Planting a replacement tree is possible after stump removal. Ross Tree always brings soil to fill the hole before we leave the job. A tree company with trained operators and the right equipment ensures a good result.

Need stump removal? Please fill out this tree service request form, or call us at 303-871-9121.