How Do You Treat Ash Trees for EAB?

It’s time to start Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) treatment now! This green jewel beetle is getting closer to Denver after being found in Broomfield and Westminster in 2019. Arvada confirmed its presence within its city limits in 2020. City forester offices across the Denver area expect residential and commercial property owners to properly manage their trees for EAB. Check out Ross Tree’s EAB Handbook for the latest news on this beetle in the Denver Area.

Sometimes spraying is warranted because of an insect infestation that needs immediate attention. Ross Tree sits down with the residential or commercial property owner to discuss all options before treatment commences. For environmentally friendly plant health care services, click here to fill out a service request form or call 303-871-9121. We are at your service.

Licensed and Certified for Insect Control

Ross Tree’s motto “Integrity in Action” means we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment when delivering plant health care services. We promise to use the products necessary to treat your trees and nothing more. We deliver on this promise because our staff possesses the proper training and credentials to treat trees properly in the Denver area. Ross Tree has three Qualified Supervisors licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to handle pesticide products.

Quick Facts from Colorado State University Extension Service

What does the EAB do?

  • Kills ash trees!
  • Larvae feed under the bark, eventually girdling the tree and cutting off nutrients.
  • Trees are killed within 2-4 years of first symptoms, even previously health trees.
  • Trees of all sizes can be attacked, from 1/2-inch saplings to the largest mature trees.
  • This insect is very difficult to detect because it is under the bark and the adults are only around from May to September.
  • The best time to treat Ash trees is in June and July.

Mature Ash trees are valuable and need proper EAB treatments since they have zero immunity against this borer. Ash tree management means treating mature trees and removing any marginal trees from yards. Ross Tree is a licensed Colorado Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Applicator for Emerald Ash Borer treatment. We offer several effective EAB treatment options for controlling this beetle and its larvae. For an Emerald Ash Treatment appointment, click here to fill out a request service form or call 303-871-9121. We are at your service.

Are Ash Trees Worth Saving?

Residential and commercial property owners with Ash trees need to ask themselves how much they value them since tree value comes from the following:

  • A mature tree landscape adds between 5 to 10 percent to a property’s value. Denver’s real estate market has shot up substantially since the 1990s, so the worth of mature trees in a yard equates to the cost of a new automobile.
  • If their trees are lost, most homeowners will miss the beauty of their trees, but also their shade when the hot, western sun bears down on their homes.
  • Ash Borer treatment is less expensive than removal. To remove a large tree, Ross Tree may need to use a crane and pull a street closing permit, which dramatically increases removal costs.

There are about 1.5 million Ash trees in the Denver area. Once the EAB arrives in Denver, it might be nearly impossible to book an appointment with a tree service company. It is best to take the initiative and treat your Ash trees now by contacting Ross Tree.

EAB Treatment Options

For young Ash trees, Ross Tree recommends using a systemic bark spray. One of our plant care specialists sprays the trunk up to five feet above the ground. We prescribe trunk injections for larger trees and administer the EAB control products directly into the tree trunk. The tree’s vascular system distributes it throughout the tree. The insects’ larvae or adults die when they chew on the tree’s nutrient-conducting tissues or leaves, respectively. Trunk injections are cost-effective because they last two years and are environmentally friendly. Click here for an in-depth discussion on the benefits of systemic insect control.

Our Trees look terrific!!! Your men were so nice and such hard workers. They did a great job and cleaned up nicely. It was a pleasure to have them here.

Mary & Dennis

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