Fall  Tree Service

Regarding tree care, the fall season is probably the most crucial time to give trees tender loving care, giving them a better chance for healthy growth in our arid climate. Dry weather increases tree stress making them susceptible to tree insects and diseases. The prevalent tree insects and diseases each fall change based on how much moisture Denver got in the previous winter and summer months. 

Fall 2022

After two years of winter drought, a dry April, and a hot summer, many Aspen, Honeylocust trees in Denver succumbed to cankers and became totally or partially denuded by mid-summer. Many of these trees will not come back in the spring and need removal. In the fall, the City had an Ips Engraver Beetle infestation attacking weakened Spruce, Ponderosa, and Austrian Pines. Check out Ross Tree’s General Manager discussion on 2022 tree issues.

Fall 2021

Linden trees in Denver got hit hard by drought and are highly stressed. Various fungi live around these trees for years in the ground. Healthy trees ward off these organisms, but when trees become stressed, they enter the roots spreading toxins and wilting the trees. Once trees are affected, there is no cure. Check out Ross Tree’s General Manager discussion on 2021 tree issues.

Need assitance getting your trees ready for the fall? Click here to fill out a request service form or call 303-871-9121.

Fall To-Dos

The following tree care activities should be on all homeowners’ to-do lists each fall.

Deep Root Watering and Feeding
Pine, Ips, and Spruce Beetle Treatments
Tree Aphids Treatments

Please download the Ross Tree Fall Service Calendar to create a list of to-dos to prepare yard trees for winter and the next growing season.

fall tree service calendar

Download our Fall Tree Service Calendar.

Click here to view the Ross Tree Fall Tree Service Handbook for more information about these activities.

Need assistance getting your trees ready for the fall? Click here to fill out a request service form or call 303-871-9121.

Fall tree trimming

Fall Tree Pruning

Fall is a great time to trim trees to promote healthy growth patterns. Pruning trees to a dominant leader helps them avoid mechanical breakage from strong winds and snowstorms.

pine beetle treatment in Denver

Pine Beetle Treatment

Conifers affected by Pine Beetles get treated in the summer and fall. Adult beetles hatching from pupae will be on the move looking for a new tree to infest when the weather is warm. Spraying the bark kills beetles as they land. Combining the spray with systemic injections helps most any tree from these predatory pests. Click here for more information about Pine Beetle Tree Care in the Denver area. 

deep root watering and fertilization

Deep Root Watering and Feeding

Trees leaves turning early usually means they are stressed. If Denver had a hot summer, we recommend deep water feeding to get the root system healthy. Once trees drop their leaves, the tree shifts its focus from photosynthesizing to gathering energy through its root system to prepare for winter. Deep root feeding allows root systems to absorb nutrients for use during dormancy. Ross Tree uses fertilizers with slow-release nutrients, micro-nutrients, organic material, and microbial spores to improve the soils in which trees grow.

Fall lawn care in Denver

Fall Lawn Care

The fall is a great time to set the stage for robust grass growth in the spring. We recommend laying down fertilizer with iron to green up the lawn when it gets warm again in May. Also, the application of humic acid in the fall boosts soil microbial activity that makes nutrients more available to root systems. Humus consists of decomposed plant material making base elements such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur available to plant life. 


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