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Denver residential and commercial property owners have counted on Ross Tree as their go-to tree company since 1978. Ross Tree is a licensed tree company with a strong relationship with the Denver Forester Office. We prune trees to their dominant leader to encourage strong branch growth and remove any hazardous damaged, weak, or dead limbs. Denver’s City Forester does expect property owners with Ash to manage their trees against the Emerald Ash Borer. Click here to understand your EAB treatment options. For an appointment, click here to fill out a request service form or call 303-871-9121.

Trees in Denver

The City of Denver offers many tree programs for its citizens. Their forestry website defines homeowners’ tree responsibilities and lists notable trees growing in Denver neighborhoods. Click here for more information about the City of Denver’s tree programs.

large tree job expertise in Denver

Large Tree Job Expertise

Ross Tree embraces standards-based tree pruning services to assure quality results and job safety, as defined by the International Society of Arboriculture. We have the staff, equipment, and expertise to remove the largest trees found in Denver, and we are known for our ability to handle jobs in tight places or next to busy streets. Click here to view our Handbook on Large Tree Service Jobs.


elm leaf beetle treatment denver

Elm Leaf Beetles

Wet springs support large Elm Leaf Beetle populations that cause much damage to Elm trees in Denver. Highly skeletonized trees turn brown and are unsightly. Click here for more information about Elm Leaf Beetles and other Elm tree pests.


pine tree care in Wheat Ridge

Pine Tree Care in Denver

Denver has eleven conifers tree species that grow naturally here. Norway spruce, Scotch pine, Arborvitae, and Austrian pines are popular trees in Denver but not native to Colorado. Check out our Pine Tree Care Handbook for more information about these trees and how to keep them healthy.

winter tree care in Englewood

How to Get Your Trees Ready for Winter

The Denver area’s unpredictable weather and arid climate are tough on trees. The most popular late fall and winter tree services are deep root wateringwinter pruningFire Blight treatment, and dormant oil spraying. For more information about these services, please check out our Winter Tree Care Handbook.

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Standards Based Pruning Handbook

Proper Tree Pruning Proper tree pruning saves money in the long term because healthy trees need less maintenance. Tree trimming encourages good tree structure and improves the aesthetic appeal of a tree. The best way to assure proper tree service is to hire a tree...

Surprising Rise in Tree Borers this Spring in Denver

Ross Tree has noticed infestations of tree borers in the field this spring in both conifers and hardwoods. Our certified arborists believe that winter droughts in the Denver area create stress making trees easy targets for these insects. It is extremely dry in Denver...

Favorite Trees in Denver

We must love trees in Denver because almost any seen in the City are planted. Denver's unpredictable spring and fall weather and clay soils make it hard to grow trees. Some trees, like Ash, should not be planted because of the recently arrived Emerald Ash Borer....

Top 5 Spring Tree Care Tips

Early Spring Tree Care Tips To Set Up Yard Trees for a Healthy Growing Season in Denver Spring officially begins in March in Denver, but we might be surprised by polar plunges and snowstorms in April. Trees go into full pitch, sending nutrients to their leaf and...

How To Deal With Cankers On My Honeylocust Trees?

Honeylocusts Thyronectria Cankers Over the last two years, the drought and polar plunges that have hit Denver have weakened the ability of Honeylocust trees to fight off disease. Thyronectria cankers are notorious for harming and killing Honeylocusts in the Denver...

Winter Tree Care Handbook

Close of the Year Tree Services Trees are large, tall, and immovable. They have no choice but face what our weather throws at them in the winter. Trees adapt well to cold weather if given time to harden. However, abrupt, unexpected polar plunges and winter droughts in...

Winter Tree Watering

Why Water Trees in the Winter? According to 9News, Death Valley got more rain than Denver in the final six months of 2021. With these conditions, it is a good bet that all trees in the area are drought-stressed and need supplemental watering. Do not let the latest...

Pine Tree Care Handbook

How Do I Keep My Evergreen Trees Healthy In Denver? Ross Tree publishes handbooks on key tree issues common to the Denver area. The Pine Tree Care Handbook identifies pines and other conifers that grow here and the insects and diseases that inflict them. Colorado has...

Tree Pests to Watch Out for in August in Denver

This August, two tree pests are having a field day in Denver - the Elm Leaf Beetle and the Honeylocust Spider Mite. Our wet spring set up conditions for the Elm Leaf Beetle to thrive and attack Elms across the city. Consecutive 90 degree days this summer is perfect...

How Do I Get My Trees Ready For The Summer?

Summer Tree Care Tips As Ross Tree's General Manager explains in the video below, summer is an excellent time to get your trees ready to withstand Denver's unpredictable weather. He recommends increasing deep rooting feeding to at least two times during the growing...

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