Ross Tree offers commercial tree services to multi-family developments, hospitals and universities, and office complexes. Healthy landscapes with trees make commercial properties more attractive, improving curb appeal and increasing tenant satisfaction. Also, mature trees are valuable assets, so it makes economic sense to take of them. Ross Tree has the expertise, skill, and equipment to deal with all tree-related issues safely and efficiently.

Founded in Denver in 1978, Ross Tree has grown because of our dedication to providing quality tree services and excellent customer service. We have on staff three ISA-certified arborists and three Quality Supervisors licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We are licensed to manage tree disease and insects on commercial properties in the Denver area.

What is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Tree Services?

The difference is scale, city ordinance compliance, and liability. Commercial properties can have dozens or hundreds of trees and shrubs of various species and sizes. One of the essential services Ross Tree offers is tree and shrub count, species identification, and documenting any structural, disease, or pest issues. Once the count is complete, we present property managers quotes to address any issues found on their trees and shrubs.

In Denver and surrounding suburbs, city forest departments expect commercial property owners to maintain their trees to meet city ordinances. They are:

  • Stop signs are visible from at least 150 feet away
  • Tree branches are at least 13.5 feet above streets and alleyways
  • Tree branches are at least 8 feet above sidewalks

Damaged or unhealthy trees can become a liability and a hazard to commercial property tenants and the general public. In most cases, the property manager notices the tree problem and calls a tree company to address the issue. On the other hand, a city forest office finds or learns of a tree problem and issues the property management a citation. Property managers notified of a tree violation need to understand the citation process to avoid further penalties and fines:

  • Denver Municipal Code requires property owners to maintain trees on their private property and any trees located within the public right-of-way adjacent to their property.
  • The City Forester can order the removal or pruning of trees they determined to be dangerous, diseased, or impede a right-of-way.
  • If a property owner does not contact the City or take action to correct the violation, the City Forrester can fine the property owner.
  • If a violation goes unresolved, the City Forester will authorize a licensed tree service to remove or prune the problem trees. The property owner must reimburse Denver Parks & Recreation for all tree service costs incurred.
  • If the property owner does not pay back the City Forester, the City can place a lien on the property to secure the debt or send the account to a collection agency.

Click here for more information about property owners’ responsibilities in caring for and maintaining trees.

What Arbor Services do Commercial Properties Require?

For larger properties, it is more cost-effective to retain Ross Tree to manage all its trees and shrubs on a monthly or quarterly schedule rather than calling when a problem occurs. Trip charges can add up, and keeping all the trees and shrubs healthy takes time and effort. Also, property managers avoid the hassle of dealing with the City over ordinance tree violations. Ross Tree provides the following services to our commercial property customers:

  1. Tree and Shrub Count

    It is hard to maintain a property’s landscape if property managers do not know how many trees are on their property. Ross Tree offers tree counts, including their location and the identification of any structural, disease, or insect issues.

  2. Arborist Tree Assessment Report

    If a property gets a citation, our staff will visit the site and write an arborist report before pruning or removing a tree.

  3. Tree Health Care Plans

    Once all the trees are counted, we assess the trees and devise short and long-term health plans.

  4. Tree Removal

    Tree work is dangerous because of the size and height of trees. For safety reasons, professional tree service companies like Ross Tree should remove mature trees, not the property management staff. 

  5. Tree Pruning

    Tree trimming is more than lopping off branches. Our certified ISA arborists and crews know how to prune a tree to promote healthy growth. Ross Tree follows ANSI pruning standards on all jobs.

  6. Street Closure Permitting

    Ross Tree is knowledgeable about the street closure permit process and has good relations with the permitting departments in Denver and its surrounding suburbs.

Are you looking for a professional tree company? Please consider Ross Tree. We are locally owned and operated and have been in business since 1978. Ross Tree has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association. Ross Tree is a Team Dave Logan member. For an appointment, please call 303-871-9121 or fill out a service request form.