Short winters and warm springs can lead to Elm Leaf Beetle infestations. Insecticide products successfully control the Elm Leaf Beetle and its larvae. Ross Tree Company has three Colorado Department of Agriculture licensed Qualified Supervisors (QS) to handle pesticide products. We commit to using only the products necessary to treat your Elm trees and nothing more.

Elm Leaf Beetles are a common Colorado tree insect that chews on the leaves of Elm trees. They overwinter and lay eggs in the spring. Their larvae skeletonize elm leaves while the adults chew irregularly round holes in the center of leaves. Elm Leaf Beetles favor Siberian and English Elms. It is not unusual for two generations of beetles to be produced each summer. The second generation overwinters and does not lay eggs until the following summer. Long winters, high winds, and/or late spring freezes control beetle populations. Additionally, stink bugs and parasitic wasps prey on the Elm leaf beetle and its larvae.

Soil Applied Systemic Elm Leaf Beetle Treatments

One method of chemical control is to drench or inject the systemic products into the soil around the tree. The tree roots absorb the products, and they spread throughout the tree including the leaves. The systemic products work when the insects feed on the treated leaves.

Sprayed Treatments

The other method Ross Tree recommends for smaller Elms is a spray treatment. This application is best applied when the Elm Leaf Beetles are present.

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