The plains Cottonwood is Colorado’s largest broadleaf tree known for its massive trunk and beautiful, large leaves. Because of their grand size, Cottonwoods provide a wow-factor to many yards. The largest Cottonwood in Colorado measured a stunning 23 feet around before it died in 2012.

Cottonwoods are fast growers. Many were planted in Colorado in the 1960s and 1970s as the population grew and homeowners were looking for a quick way to shade their yards. However, homeowners should have learned from the cowboys who knew the trees were dangerous. They refused to picnic under Cottonwoods fearing that large limbs would break and fall on them. Cowboys didn’t have the advantage of being able to hire a tree professional to take care of their Cottonwoods. But, you do! Ross Tree is ready to make your yard safe from falling branches.

Cottonwood Pruning and Removal

The deadwood in mature Cottonwoods needs to be pruned out to reduce the risk of falling limbs. One of Ross Tree’s arborist will check out your Cottonwoods and do any pruning to make them as safe as possible. Ross Tree also specializes in the removal of dangerous, dying or dead trees. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to remove any sized Cottonwood. It’s an impressive process that may require a crane and street closure. Ross Tree will manage the entire process from permitting to removal.

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