The dreaded Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) arrived in the heart of Boulder in September 2013. Within five years, the beetle spread to Superior, Colorado, a town half way between Boulder and Denver. With little to no predators, this borer is free to move about at will. Click here for more information about the EAB.

Infected trees die within two to four years of first symptoms, even previously healthy trees. There is nearly a 100% mortality rate to ash trees it invades. Adult beetles do not harm the ash, but their offspring burrow through the layers of bark which stops the flow of nutrients throughout the tree. Most people will not notice their ash trees are affected because the EAB larva damage the tree from within. Once a property owner observes their ash trees are sick, it is probably too late. Dead ash trees need to be removed professionally and all tree waste should be handled properly to prevent spreading EAB. Property owners need to be proactive to avoid the cost of tree removal.

Do I Have An Ash Tree in My Yard?

Mature Ash trees grow are over 50 feet tall. Green Ash leafs turn yellow in the fall, while White Ash leaves turn reddish-purple. In U.S cities, Ashes were planted in yards and along streets because they tolerate poor soils and air quality. Ash trees have the following characteristics:

Opposite Branching Pattern – two branches grow off a stem directly across each other.

ash tree have opposite branching branches

Compound Leaves – Ash have 5-11 moderately toothed leaflets.

ash trees have compound leafs

Diamond Shaped Ridged Bark – Ash tree bark is grey with diamond-shaped ridges.

identify an ash by it bark

In contrast, Maples have opposite branching but simple leaves. Hickory and Walnut trees have compound leaves but with alternating branching.

Why Treat Your Ash Trees in Denver?

Denver has more than one million ash trees at a value exceeding $1 Billion. This figure derives from the estimated impact on home values in Denver if all one million ash trees are removed from the city’s yards and streets. The average home value in Denver is about $400,000. A mature tree landscape with ash is worth about five percent of a home’s value, or about $20,000. This is why a mature tree landscape with ash trees is worth protecting from EAB. For the latest news about EAB, please go to the Colorado State Extension Service.

If you think you have an Ash trees on your property, Ross Tree Company offers several effective treatment methods for controlling EAB. One such treatment is injecting a product directly into the vascular system of the tree. The tree absorbs the product which helps protect it for up to two years. This treatment eliminates the need to spray. Correct application is 85-95% effective for preventing EAB. For a free Emerald Ash Borer consultation, call 303-871-9121‬ or click here to fill out a service request form.