Large Tree Service

Ross Tree Company is your go-to company for tree service next to busy streets. It can be a stressful process, involving permits, large equipment, street closures, and scheduling of crews. Therefore, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Rest assured that we will coordinate everything so it will be a smooth, efficient, and low-stress event for you.

Being unfamiliar with the process can be time consuming and frustrating. For example, Denver and its surrounding suburbs each have their own permitting process—some departments have automated their permit-pulling process; others are still paper-based. But, Ross Tree is here to help! We have great, long-standing relationships with all the permit and forestry departments across the Denver-metro area, so we can obtain a permit in about two weeks at a much lower cost. Additionally, when a street closure is necessary, Ross Tree and National Barricade work together to make the work-area safe for both the tree-service ground crews and the public. You’re in good hands when you hire us for this complicated process.

side walk closing

American Elm Tree Pruning

The process for pruning large trees is a site to see. In general, street closures, barricades, cranes, bucket-trucks, industrial shredders are all involved in the process. Consequently, the coordination of the process is best left to the professionals. For example, Ross Tree recently pruned a giant American Elm in North Cherry Creek. We pulled a street-closure permit from the City of Denver to do a one-lane closure of Josephine Street so our crews could safely remove and trim back large, over-hanging branches across the street. Furthermore, National Barricade installed a lane-closure sign, barricades, cones, and barriers to protect the public and tree-care crew from any hazards. We were lucky to be able to save this beautiful American Elm, as a lot have been lost to Dutch Elm Disease.

If you have a large tree next to a busy street that needs tree service, please think of Ross Tree. We can make the whole process go smoothly and do it at a reasonable cost. Click here to fill out a tree service request form.