Ross Tree Company is an experienced special care tree services company. We can prune and remove trees in tight places. We have the expertise and equipment to take on the toughest tree trimming or removal jobs. A tree might be next to a neighbor’s home or leaning against a wall or fence. We use a tree trimming technique called speed lining for moving limbs and tree sections over roofs and fences directly to the street where they can be shredded and loaded onto trucks. This approach works well when special care needs to be taken around metal or tile roofs.

Ross Tree’s chippers include a winch to bring the branches directly to the shredder. A rigging control system will lower heavy loads in a safe and controlled manner. This is a labor saver and allows Ross Tree to deliver special care tree services at a reasonable price. Speed lining and control rigging also increases the safety for the Ross Tree climber and ground crews working on difficult jobs in tight places.

Ross Tree Company is your go-to company for tree pruning and removal next to busy streets. These jobs will most likely require a full or partial street closure so the right equipment can be assembled for the job. Denver and its surrounding suburbs each have their own permitting process. Ross Tree has long-standing relationships with all the permit and forestry departments across the Denver-metro area. We can obtain a permit in about two weeks at a lower cost. We work with National Barricade to make the work-area safe for both the tree service ground crews and the public. You’re in good hands when you hire Ross Tree for a complicated tree pruning or removal job.

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