Denver Digs Trees

Denver Digs Trees gives homeowners street and yard trees to plant. They offer local trees adapted to Denver’s variable weather and dry climate. Yard trees shade and cool our homes in the summer. They also increase the value of homes, buffer noise and provide shelter for birds and other wildlife. Street trees beautify Denver’s neighborhoods, reduce traffic noise and improved air quality. To sign up for a tree in 2020, check out Denver Dig Tree’s website.

Planting Elm Trees

At one time, the American Elm was the most planted tree in America. Elms were popular because of their size and stately fountain like shape. Trees planted along streets create an entwined canopy which turns gold in the fall. Unfortunately, most American Elms across the U.S. were wiped out by the Dutch Elm Disease (DED) in the 1900s. DED was discovered by Dutch pathologists in the 1920s. Today, American Elms are found in cities with cold and dry climates, like Denver and Minneapolis, but are rarely planted now. Arboriculturists have been busy developing Elm hybrids to take the place of American Elms.

I planted two Patriot Elms from Denver Digs Trees this year to provide shade from the hot western sun. The Patriot is a cross between the Urban and Wilson Elms and is resistance to DED. Denver Digs Trees recommends this tree because it grows fast and is easily established. Ross Tree mentioned that Patriot Elms are prone to American Elm Scale, which sucks the energy out of the trees and produces honeydew. The honeydew can be a nuisance because it coats patios, decks, and vehicles. When it molds, it turns Elm trunks black. Ross Tree uses soil applied products to treat American Elm Scale. For more information about treating American Elm Scale and other tree pests, please check out our Tree Insect Calendar. The Japanese Beetle is listed on the calendar. The Japanese Beetle attacked the trees late this summer. Ross Tree was contacted for plant care recommendations on how to treat the Elms to ward off these pests from the two newly planted Elm trees.

Please call Ross Tree Company at (303) 871-9121‬ or click here to fill out a service request form for tree planting today.