Ross Tree Sees Tree Pruning as a Vocation

Ross Tree Company has two arborists on staff certified through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) with a third joining in 2019. We embrace the professional practice of arboriculture as dictated by ISA. Our arborists continue their education on an ongoing basis to maintain certification in pruning and other tree services.

Time for Spring Tree Pruning

Pruning is especially important for the health of your trees. However, over or under pruning can cause negative health issues. Improper cuts into the tree can leave open wounds and easy entry access points for insects. It is important to have a Certified Arborist assess your trees for health, pruning, and any possible insect issues.

In the Denver metro area, winter storms, wind, and large temperature swings can cause tree damage. Spring and summer pruning allows Ross Tree to mitigate risks from broken and hanging branches, clearing right of ways, and keeping tree branches away from structures. Certain broadleaf evergreens need pruning in early spring. Boxwoods and holly should also be pruned in the early spring to remove winter damage from the freezing temperatures. Extreme temperature swings can cause deadwood in large conifers, such as Austrian Pines and Colorado Blue Spruce. This deadwood should be removed by pruning.

Living near trees is good for your mental health as it allows residents to enjoy nature. Additionally, studies show that urban neighborhoods filled with trees are better for your physical health too. Furthermore, trees help to improve urban air quality by pulling ozone, particulates, and other pollutants into their leaves and out of the air. Click here for more information about tree pruning from the Colorado State Extension service.

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