Reasons To Hire A Professional Tree Service Company

Homeowners should hire a professional tree service company for three reasons – trees are valuable real estate assets, work in trees is hazardous, and tree health issues sometimes are complex.

  • Tree Value – A mature tree landscape accounts for about 5-10 percent of the value of a Denver home. Since the average home price in Denver is over $435,000, yard tree value equates to the cost of a new car. Since trees are valuable assets, it is smart to hire a tree service company that knows how to keep them healthy.
  • Tree Work Is Risky – Tree work is hazardous because of the risk of falling and the use of sharp tools and powerful machinery. It is best to hire a professional company that takes job safety seriously.
  • Complex Tree Health Issues – Sometimes, it takes an expert to spot a tree insect or disease. The breeding cycles of tree pests make treatment complex, and some tree ailments are persistent and difficult to treat. Also, dealing with large trees requires the ability to reach high and penetrate dense crowns. Professional tree companies have the expertise and equipment to handle most tree insects and diseases common to the Denver area.

Homeowners need to take quality, safety, licensing, and reputation into consideration when hiring a tree service company. A little homework on these four aspects will result in hiring the right tree service company to address the tree problem in their yard.

professional tree service company

Quality Tree Care

One way for homeowners to know they are hiring a professional tree service company is to make sure they have an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist on staff. Arborists specialize in tree care and become certified by taking course work and passing a comprehensive examination. Also, check if the company is a member of ISA and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Membership shows their willingness to stay up-to-date on the latest tree care innovations and best practices. Ross Tree Company is proud of its three full-time ISA Certified Arborists and is a member of both the ISA and TCIA. We provide the following tree services:

Tree Pruning

  • Mitigate Risk – Tree trimming to reduce damage from falling limbs.
  • Manage Health – Pruning that promotes healthy growth by removing dead or dying branches and diseased or infested branches.
  • Improve Tree Structure – Pruning to a dominant leader encourages straighter and more robust growth.
  • Restoration Pruning – Trim to reestablish tree structure after damage from storms or past substandard pruning.
  • Provide Clearance – Pruning that prevents interference with property structures, sidewalks, streets, and electrical lines.
  • Manage Size and Shape – Prune to maintain the desired shape according to tree species and location.
  • Regenerative Pruning – Trimming to remove dead and weak branches to stimulate new growth and vitality.
  • Improve Aesthetics – Prune to improve the visual appearance of a tree.

Click on our Standards-Based Tree Pruning Handbook below for more information about Ross Tree’s approach to tree trimming.

standards based pruning handbook

Tree Removal 

No one likes removing a tree, but sometimes circumstances make it necessary. Arborists recommend tree removal for the following reasons:

  • Dead or dying tree
  • Storm damaged and not salvageable
  • Leaning tree at risk of falling
  • Injured by an insect infestation and not treatable
  • Crowding or harming other yard trees
  • Trash tree needing high maintenance
  • Growing in the wrong location or in the way of a project

Plant Health Care 

Arborist keep trees in good health by reducing any insect, disease, or site problems. They provide the following plant health care services:

  • Insect and disease treatments
  • Tree fertilization and soil modification
  • Cabling or bracing
  • Soil aeration and water injection
  • Tree risk assessments

The top plant health issues in Denver this Spring are treating Blue Spruce trees for Ips Beetles and treating Ash trees for the Emerald Ash Borer.


Tree work is hazardous because of the chance of falling and the use of sharp tools and machinery. Homeowners need to know that the tree company they hire takes safety seriously and follows industry standards to keep its workers and the public safe. Ross Tree Company follows the Arboricultural operations safety requirements as defined in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z133 to keep its workers safe. This ANSI standard focuses on improving safety on:

      • General tree work
      • Electrical hazard
      • Use of vehicles and mobile equipment
      • Portable power tools and saws
      • Hand tools and ladders
      • Climbing and gear
      • Work procedures

When a homeowner hires Ross Tree for a tree trimming or removal job, our crews arrive in a company truck and wearing company uniforms. They wear non-conductive hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, and safety footwear.

Large Tree Job Expertise

Ross Tree is your go-to tree service company for complicated large tree jobs. If the tree is next to a road with a yellow line, then the street will need to be closed for truck and equipment staging. Pulling a permit for a street closure is a long process for the unacquainted. To avoid this hassle, call Ross Tree because we have long-standing relationships with all the permit and forestry departments across the Denver-metro area. We obtain permits in about two weeks at a much lower cost. Additionally, Ross Tree and National Barricade work together to make the work area safe for both our work crews and the public. Click on our Large Tree Job Handbook below for more information.

ross tree large tree job handbook




Licensing & Insurance

An excellent way for a property owner to make sure they are hiring a licensed tree service company is to check the city’s website for tree service companies licensed to do work where they live. The city forester tests the applicant company to make sure they understand the forestry rules and meet the tree experience requirements of the city. Ross Tree is licensed to climb or use aerial lifts to service trees in Denver and most of its suburbs.

Hiring a tree company that is insured is wise because of the risks associated with tree pruning and tree removal. If there is damage to the property or someone gets hurt, the tree service company will handle any claim, not the homeowner. Ross Tree is an insured tree service company.


Since their trees are valuable and tree work is risky, smart homeowners check out a company’s reputation before they hire them. One way to gauge professionalism is business longevity, trade accreditations, and BBB rating.

Since 1978, Ross Tree strives each day to be a known quantity by our residential and commercial tree service customers for providing excellent, professional, and reliable tree service. We are a locally owned and licensed tree service company servicing Denver, Lakewood, Broomfield, Arvada, Littleton, Englewood, Centennial, Wheat Ridge, Highlands Ranch, and Aurora. We are proud of our three ISA Certified Arborists and three Qualified Supervisors licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to handle pesticide products. Ross Tree is an A+ BBB Accredited Business and recommended by Team Dave Logan.

COVID-19 Status

The Colorado Department of Labor considers arborists a skilled and essential trade. Tree companies play a vital role in keeping our communities safe by mitigating the risk of trees damaging buildings and harming individuals. We adhere to guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to control the spread of COVID-19. When we arrive at a tree service job, our crews respect all social distancing guidelines and will communicate with the client by phone, text, and email to avoid person to person contact.

What To Expect When Hiring Ross Tree

Homeowners with a tree problem should give us a call to schedule an appointment. After one of our Certified Arborists evaluates a tree and finds a problem, they present the property owner with a quotation for tree services. Once hired, our experienced tree crews perform the agreed-upon work in a safe, clean, and professional manner. We promise direct and straightforward communication with the customer and offer a client portal to track Ross Tree quotes and invoices. For an appointment, please call 303-871-9121 or click here to fill out a request service form.